Below are some resources to help History Majors think about careers.  To begin, read the tips in our Career Brochure for History Majors, "After Upham."

To get some of the basic job-search and job-application skills to make you a successful candidate, here's a link to upcoming programs and workshops sponsored by the Center for Career Exploration and Success on topics ranging from resumé-writing to interviewing to honing your job search.

Here's the link to the College of Arts and Science "What Can I Do With a Major in History?" page.

Here you can find institutions and organizations that specifically look to hire history majors as well as links to adjacent careers for which a History major would be a good fit.  These resources are a good place to start your job or internship search, but make sure you also take advantage of other resources available to history majors through the Center for Career Exploration and Success that can ensure your job search success.

View a video of Chris Hines, a 2008 Miami History grad, who talks about how the History major has helped him in his current career.