Scholarships are a type of Gift Aid that are typically based on merit, such as academic excellence, talent, affiliation with various groups, career aspirations, or a combination of merit and need. To receive scholarships awarded by Miami University, students must enroll full time. A separate scholarship application is not needed.

As part of Miami’s Scholarship processing, all or a portion of your institutional scholarships may be replaced at a later date with a donor scholarship(s), which may require the completion of a thank you letter to the donor. Scholarship eligibility is based on your enrollment as a full-time undergraduate student on the Oxford campus. Visit our Scholarship Policies page for additional information. 

Students can review their Financial Aid Offer for information on scholarship renewability, the required cumulative grade point average (GPA), and the required major, if applicable.

You can review additional scholarship opportunities based on your education level and campus below:

Miami also has the following scholarships and resources available: