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Weekly 3 Emails


August 31, 2023

Happy fall semester! Student Life sends the Weekly 3 email to students each Thursday afternoon with three updates, resources, or reminders. We’ll always try to be brief, with links to more information if you need it.

1. Mega Fair

Get involved and make the most of your Miami experience! Attend Mega Fair this Sunday, September 3 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the academic quad. Hundreds of student organizations, fraternities and sororities, club sports, and other resources will be present. Students of all years looking to get involved in something new are welcome to attend!

2. Events on Campus

How do you find out what’s going on around campus? Here are a few tips: 

  • is the main Miami events calendar.
  • The Events App includes hundreds of events scheduled across campus for the first 50 days of the semester. Download the Fall Semester Orientation 2023 guide in the app.
  • Follow @MiamiOH_StudentLife on Instagram. We post upcoming events every Monday and Friday!
3. Clinical Health Sciences and Wellness Facility

Student Counseling ServiceStudent Health Services, and the Office of Student Wellness, along with several academic departments, have moved to the new Clinical Health Sciences and Wellness facility at 421 S. Campus Ave. To access Student Health and Student Counseling, you must enter through the south side of the building (toward the parking garage, not Nellie Craig). Check out our Instagram Reel on how to find this entrance.

Bonus: Miami’s interactive map is a helpful way to find your way around campus and learn building abbreviations. The wayfinding button can give you sidewalk/path directions from wherever you are on campus.

Thanks for reading along with the first Weekly 3 of the semester. Do you have an idea for a future Weekly 3 topic? Submit your idea!


May 4, 2023

Dear Miami students, 

Congratulations on all your hard work this year, and best of luck as you prepare for final exams! Here is your final Weekly 3 of the semester. 

1. Celebrating Graduates
  • M.O.V.E. Bootcamp. Join the President and Dr. Crawford for a morning of fitness this Saturday at 10 a.m. in the backyard of Lewis Place. All are welcome, with a focus on sending off graduates. Participants will receive a new long-sleeve Miami shirt. Complete the physical activity waiver ahead of time (or paper copies will also be available). 
  • Open House for Graduates. Graduating students are invited to Lewis Place on Saturday afternoon from 3:30-5 p.m. for an open house with President and Dr. Crawford. Grab some swag and take pictures (bring your cap and gown if you’d like). 
  • Commencement. Graduation is next weekend! Details on the Commencement website.
2. Prep for Finals

Take care of yourself this week and next as you prepare for final exams, papers, and projects. Here are a few events and resources to help you do that: 

  • Therapy Dog Day at Finals. Monday, 1-4 p.m. at Slant Walk. Stop by and pet the dogs for a quick break.
  • Late Night Study Break. Monday, 10 p.m.-midnight at King Library. Refuel with a late night snack, including breakfast items, bagels, pizza, and more from local vendors. 
  • The Armstrong Fritz Pavilion will be converted to open study space starting tomorrow evening through the end of finals.
  • Final Exam Tips. As you prepare for final exams, the Rinella Learning Center has some test-taking and study strategies to help you make the most of your time. 
3. Student Health Insurance - Enroll or Waive this Summer

All full-time Oxford students (and ALL international students) are required to have health insurance and are automatically enrolled (and charged) each year in the Miami-sponsored plan through Aetna. Many domestic students are already covered on their parents’ insurance, and thus need to complete a waiver each year. Watch your email this summer for the link to waive or enroll in student health insurance starting July 1. Waivers are due by August 1. Most international students are not eligible to waive the insurance. Review requirements here.

BONUS: The brand new Clinical Health Sciences and Wellness building on campus is opening this summer. Several academic departments and Student Counseling, Student Health, and Student Wellness will be moving there in June. Check websites before your visits this summer to make sure you are going to the right location!

Thanks for reading the Weekly 3 this semester. Congratulations again as you finish up the year. We hope you have a restful and productive summer.


April 27

Dear Miami students,

All of us in Student Life are cheering you on as you wrap up the semester in the next two weeks. You’ve got this! Here is your Weekly 3 for this week:

1. Move-Out

As you are preparing to move out in the next few weeks, there are a few things to keep in mind:

2. ShareFest

Keep your unwanted items out of the landfill during move out! Donate usable household goods and furniture to ShareFest during the week of May 11-16. The ShareFest site has a list of accepted items.

  • On-campus students: find your ShareFest donation location in your building. 
  • Off-campus students: bring your donations to the ShareFest location at Chestnut Fields parking lot.
3. Summer Bike Storage

If you are leaving Oxford this summer, you must take your bicycle home with you or store it with the Miami University Police Department. All bikes must be removed from indoor and outdoor bike racks by Monday, May 15. If you are staying on campus, you must attach a note to your bike indicating you’ll be using it this summer. Bikes without a note will be impounded during the bike round up. More details about summer bike storage.

BONUS ITEM for seniors: We love seeing you taking pictures around campus in your caps and gowns. Please show your love for campus and appreciation for our grounds staff by using biodegradable confetti when possible, and bringing along water to wash away any champagne opened during your photo shoot. Thank you, and congratulations!

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April 20

Dear Miami students, 

Here is your Weekly 3 for this week.

1. Rave Guardian Safety App

The Miami Police Department offers the Rave Guardian safety app to members of the Miami community at no cost. Download the app to set a safety timer, connect with your “guardians” (e.g. trusted friends), send info and tips via text directly to MUPD, use an emergency call button, etc. Learn more about Rave Guardian and download the app today.

2. Academic Reminders 

As the semester comes to an end, here are a few things to remember when completing your final academic assignments:

  • It's your responsibility to know what is and what is not allowed to be used or done on assignments. If you are unsure, ask your instructor!
  • Miami resources are available to help (e.g., Rinella Learning Center, Howe Writing Center, and Student Counseling Service). 
  • Take care of your physical needs (e.g., sleep, healthy food, exercise, and only a moderate use of caffeine) so you are able to do your best academically.
3. Recognition and Awards

It’s that time of year to recognize student leaders and organizations. Congratulations to students recently recognized through the President's Distinguished Service Award and Senior Service Leadership Award!

Coming up next week, all student employees will be recognized throughout the week with events and giveaways. And the SEAL Awards Ceremony is happening April 26 (be sure to RSVP!) to recognize student organizations, student leaders, and fraternity and sororities. We hope to see you there! 

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April 13

Dear Miami students, 

Here is your Weekly 3 for this week.

1. Student Employee Recognition Week

We are excited to recognize all Miami student employees during the week of April 24. The campus-wide celebration will recognize the invaluable contributions made by the university's 3,400+ student employees. If you work on campus, you are invited to attend the S’mores and Sweets> event on Thursday, April 27, and check out the other events and activities throughout the week. Thank you for all you do for Miami!

2. Find and Track Volunteer Opportunities

April is National Volunteer Month! Take a moment to find and track local volunteer opportunities through the ComMUnity Connect portal. All Miami students can log in using their unique ID and password. Once you log in, check out opportunities to volunteer, community events to attend, and non-profit agencies that are collecting donations. 

3. Free MIAMI Women Events

Mark your calendar for April 27 to join us for Hawk Tank at 6 p.m. for this “fast pitch” event where Miami students, faculty, and staff will appear in front of Giving Circle members to present their ideas. On April 28, attend the MIAMI Women Leadership Symposium starting at 8 a.m. to learn lessons on leadership from insightful speakers. Both events are free to students, do not require registration, and will be held in the Donald W. Fritz Pavilion at Armstrong Student Center. Learn more on the MIAMI Women homepage

CORRECTION: In last week’s Weekly 3, we said the MUF&D Fashion Show was scheduled for April 27. It is actually on April 22. 

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April 6

Dear Miami students, 

Here’s your Weekly 3 from Student Life. 

1. New Ohio Law 

As of Tuesday, April 4, it is illegal to use or hold a cell phone or electronic device in your hand, lap, or other parts of the body while driving on Ohio roads with very few exceptions. In most cases, anything more than a single touch or swipe is against the law. Check out the details at the Ohio Department of Transportation.

2. Leadership Opportunities

Several organizations and offices are accepting applications for the 2023-24 academic year. Here are a few: 

Take your involvement to the next level and apply for one of these opportunities!

3. April Events

April is known to be one of the busiest months of the year. As we approach the end of the semester, follow @MiamiOH_StudentLife on Instagram. We highlight a variety of events every Monday and Friday. Here are a few upcoming events:

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March 30

We hope you had a restful spring break. With only five more weeks of class, we’re in the home stretch of spring semester now. Let’s finish strong! Here is your weekly 3: 

1. Freedom of Expression/Freedom of Speech

As you may know, spring semester typically brings an array of outside speakers and/or demonstrators to campus, some of which you may agree with and others you may not. As a public institution, we have a set of policies and guidelines that we must follow for both affiliated (staff, faculty, and students) and non-affiliated (visitors) members of the community. The Freedom of Expression page provides the definitions of free speech, discrimination, and harassment. The “Time, Place, and Manner Rules” and “FAQ” sections on the same page are particularly helpful.

2. Fall Class Registration

Registration for fall 2023 starts next week. Check your time ticket in BannerWeb for your individual registration time and find information about when and how to register on the One Stop website. Be sure to also check on and resolve any holds on your account that might prevent you from registering.

3. Expect Respect is Back!

This week is Miami's Expect Respect Week. Expect Respect seeks to create a unified Miami community where all its members treat one another with dignity and respect. Take the Expect Respect pledge and get a free shirt and other swag in the Armstrong Student Center today (noon-2 p.m.) or tomorrow (11 a.m.-1 p.m.). Thank you for helping us cultivate a more respectful and inclusive Miami. 

Bonus: Graduating seniors, be sure to attend Grad Fest next Tuesday and Wednesday (April 4-5) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m in the Brick & Ivy Campus Store. During Grad Fest, you’ll receive a free gift with your cap and gown purchase and discounts on diploma frames. You can also register to win door prizes.

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March 16

Dear Miami students, 

With spring break upon us, we hope you take some time over the next week to relax, take care of yourself, and take a real break. There will not be a weekly 3 next week.

1. Academic Concerns

With midterm grades coming out, it may be a good time to evaluate how things are going. If you are struggling academically, you can fill out the “I Am Struggling” form to ask for support from the Rinella Learning Center. Even if Rinella is not the exact resource you need, they will connect you with the right resource(s) on campus.

2. Financial Wellness

Miami’s Financial Wellness Center can help you learn about personal finances and how to make healthy financial decisions for now and in the future. It’s a series of playlists that cover topics from paying for college to building credit to taxes and more. Learn at your own pace about topics that matter most to you!

3. Severe Weather Awareness Week

March 19-25 is spring severe weather awareness week in Ohio. The State of Ohio has planned a statewide tornado drill for Wednesday, March 22 at 9:50 a.m. If you are in Ohio, you will likely hear tornado sirens in the area of all Miami campuses. It’s also a great time to become familiar with MUPD’s guidance on how to handle a severe weather situation.

Bonus: Are you observing Ramadan this spring? If you live on campus, you can request your meals to go so you can eat them after sunset. 

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March 9

Dear Miami students, 

Today’s Weekly 3 is a special edition in preparation for spring break and other activities in the next week and a half. 

1. Alcohol Safety

If you choose to include alcohol in your spring break plans, remember these strategies to help decrease your risk for negative consequences. 

  • Pace your drinks by establishing a limit before you go out.
  • Eat before and while drinking. 
  • Alternate water with alcoholic beverages. 
  • Be aware of the dangerous effects when mixing substances (cannabis, medications, caffeine) with alcohol.

Remember: 21 is the minimum drinking age in every U. S. state and the Code of Student Conduct applies wherever you are. You can also expect increased enforcement presence in Oxford next week leading up to spring break, so be safe and make good decisions.

2. Good Samaritan Policy

Call 911 or the local emergency number whenever you suspect a friend is in need of medical intervention due to alcohol or drug use, especially if they are unconscious and cannot be awakened, they have pale or bluish skin or lips, they are breathing irregularly, or they are vomiting while passed out. You could save a life by making that call. 

As a reminder, Miami will not take disciplinary action for a violation of our drug or alcohol policies against those who seek emergency medical assistance for themselves or other students (Good Samaritan Policy). 

3. Consent

Consent is a knowing agreement between both parties to participate in each and every sexual act. The agreement must be voluntary, in either a verbal or non-verbal manner. A person cannot legally give consent (no matter what they might say) when they are substantially impaired due to alcohol or drugs, incapacitated, or unconscious. Read more about Miami’s consent policy. Read about reporting sexual assault and getting support.

Lastly: Don’t forget to turn your clocks forward one hour on Saturday night! Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning.

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March 2

Dear Miami students, 

Here’s your weekly 3 for this week. 

1. Student Health Survey

You should have received an email last week from Miami researcher Jeffrey Hunger asking you to take Miami’s annual Student Health Survey. The survey is a collaborative project between Academic Affairs and Student Life and we hope you’ll participate. Your feedback will help us improve the health and well-being of our student community (and there's a $5 King Cafe coupon in it for you, too)! 

2. What is Academic Integrity?

Academic integrity is more than just "not cheating." It’s about learning, responsibility, accountability, fairness, respect, honesty, and trust. It is about what we choose to do, even when no one is looking, and creating sound habits for the future.

Academic integrity is expected of all Miami students and will be expected in future endeavors. Remember, it is your responsibility to maintain academic integrity and to know and follow the academic integrity policy

3. Update from Athletics

It's a great time to be a RedHawk fan, as we are closing out the regular seasons of some sports and looking forward to the next!

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February 24

Dear Miami students, 

We are officially one month into the spring semester! Here’s your Weekly 3 from Student Life. 

1. Event Calendars

If you’re looking for things to do, check out the many events happening on campus and in Oxford. You probably know about the Miami events calendar, but did you know there is a calendar of events for the community? You can also find events at the Interfaith Center, the Hub, and on Instagram following @MiamiOH_StudentLife

Just this weekend, you can experience an opera theater show, a free movie, cultural performances at Fusion, a winter hike, and more! 

2. Love and Honor Story Project

The Love and Honor Story Project began in 2019 through the Office of the Dean of Students. The project recognizes one student each month for enacting the values articulated in the Code of Love and Honor. If you know someone who demonstrates extraordinary care for their community, nominate them to be recognized! Check out recent recipients and nominate a peer at the Love and Honor Story Project website.

3. Fall 2022 President’s List and Dean’s List

Congratulations to students who made the recently released President’s List and Dean’s List for the fall 2022 semester. The President’s List recognizes students ranked in the top 3% of each division; the Dean’s List recognizes those in the next 17% of each division. Learn more about eligibility and criteria.

Do you have an idea for a future Weekly 3 topic? Two topics today were submitted by you! Keep sharing your ideas! Thanks for reading along.

February 16

Dear Miami students, 

We know many of you are feeling unsettled with the news of the shooting at Michigan State this week, and some of you may have friends or family members who are students in East Lansing. Any news of violence on a college campus is distressing. We encourage you to seek out support as needed. You can call the H.O.P.E. Line anytime at 855-249-5649, drop in for a Campus Care visit with a counselor, or check out other options at the Student Counseling Service. Take care of yourselves.

Here’s your Weekly 3 from Student Life. 

1. Prevent and Report Hazing

Hazing of any kind is illegal and is not tolerated at Miami in any fraternity, sorority, athletic team, student organization, or anywhere else. To learn more about hazing (including the EduRisk training required for any student participating in a student organization) and how to report it, visit the Hazing Prevention and Reporting website

2. Counseling Groups and Mental Health Workshops

With all the stress and pressures that come with being a student (or even a human in general), it's important to take care of your mental well-being. Check out Miami’s free workshops and group therapy options offered below:

  • Workshops. Are you struggling with procrastination? Are you too hard on yourself? Do you need help setting boundaries? Student Wellness offers short workshops on each of these topics and more. 
  • Groups. Student Counseling Service also offers group therapy around some of these same topics and beyond (e.g. body image, depression, grief, substance use, etc.). For many people, group therapy is even more effective than individual counseling. 
3. Academic Support

Now that we’re a few weeks into the spring semester, take a moment to consider what’s going well and where you might need some help. The Rinella Learning Center offers one-on-one tutoring, supplemental instruction (SI), and a large library of self-guided online workshops to help you succeed in your courses.

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February 9

Dear Miami students, 

Here’s your Weekly 3 from Student Life. 

1. Climate Survey

If you haven’t already, please take time to complete Miami’s Climate Survey. Originally emailed on January 25 (from the sender “Viewfinder”), the survey will close on March 1. Survey data will help develop a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategic plan.

Learn more at Campus Climate Survey 2023, including an overview of the survey, incentives, and answers to frequently asked questions.

2. Name Coach

Names are central aspects of our identities, and correct pronunciation shows respect for each other and contributes to inclusion and belonging. Miami now has a tool for you to record your name and include that pronunciation on your Canvas profile and email signature.There are two ways to record your name with NameCoach:

3. Housing options for next year

On-campus: If you plan to live on campus next year, consider applying for a student-created community. Student-created communities offer students the opportunity to live with a group of friends with common interests, choose housing first, get funding for community events, and participate in leadership positions. Applications are due Feb. 12, and you can find more information on the Office of Residence Life website.

Off-campus: If you’re already considering off-campus housing for the 2024-25 year, take time before you sign a lease. A lot can change in a year and a half and you have plenty of time. Don’t rush to sign a legally-binding document before you are ready. Read more about lease signing here. 

Weekly 3 Bonus: Intel

You may know that Intel is going to be building a $20 billion chip manufacturing site in Ohio, bringing thousands of new jobs in the coming years. Leaders from Intel Ohio are visiting campus tomorrow to share their vision for Intel Ohio, including internship, talent, and workforce needs. Students are welcomed and encouraged to attend. Friday, Feb. 10, 2:30 p.m., Taylor Auditorium, FSB 1000.

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February 2

Dear Miami students, 

Here’s your Weekly 3 from Student Life. 

1. Spring Preview of MAP Events

Miami Activities and Programming (MAP) has shared a glimpse into their spring semester events, including those for Late Night Miami. From new and throwback movies to creativity and art, to opportunities to get off campus, they have something for everyone!

2. Black History Month

Check out the calendar of events happening on campus and virtually to celebrate Black History Month. You can also follow the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion on Instagram for more!

3. Giving Circle 

You and your student organization are invited to apply for funding from the M.I.A.M.I. (Miami Initiative for Advancing, Mentoring and Investing in Women) Women's Giving Circle. The Giving Circle will be awarding $100,000 in grants this spring for programs, projects, initiatives and research that will impact the Miami University community. Applications are due by February 10, 2023. 

Bonus: Check out Oxford’s policies around shoveling sidewalks, snow route parking, and more. If you live on a snow route, you should always move your vehicle during significant snow/ice so Oxford crews are able to treat the road. The Oxford Police Department sends out email and text alerts via Nixle - sign up for Nixle alerts to get updates about snow emergencies, closed roads, etc. 

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January 26

Dear Miami students, 

Happy Spring 2023! We hope the first week of classes has been going well. This semester, you’ll continue to receive a weekly 3 email from Student Life with quick, important updates/reminders.

1. COVID Reminders

If you test positive for COVID this semester, please submit a self-report form. The form allows Miami to notify your instructors of your absence. Students living in residence halls may also request university housing for their isolation period by completing the form. 

The isolation period for COVID is still 5 days from the time your symptoms started (or from the day you tested positive, if you had no symptoms). 

We encourage you to stay up-to-date with your flu and COVID vaccines. Vaccination helps reduce the severity of sickness. Call Student Health Services at 513-529-3000 to schedule a vaccine appointment. Learn more about COVID by visiting the CDC’s COVID-19 webpage

2. MyMiami: The Place for Important Announcements

Nobody likes feeling left out of the loop. We all want to feel connected to our Miami community and what’s happening. The best way to stay up-to-date with urgent news or important updates is by logging in and checking the MyMiami website.

Stay in the know! Check the top of your MyMiami dashboard daily for the latest university communications.

3. Renew Your FAFSA

Miami’s priority deadline for returning students to complete their 2023-24 FAFSA is February 1. It’s simple to renew your FAFSA. Just follow the below steps:

  1. Visit and log in as a returning user.
  2. Select “Renew my FAFSA Form.” Your information from last year will autofill.
  3. Update the information, if applicable.
  4. Sign and submit the FAFSA renewal.

Bonus: Be sure to attend Winter Mega Fair next Wednesday, February 1 from 5-8 p.m. It’s a great mid-year opportunity to find and join a student club or organization. 

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December 1

Dear Miami Students, 

Here is your weekly roundup from the Division of Student Life. This is the last edition of the Weekly 3 this semester. We’ll be back in January!

1. Off-Campus Break Safety

If you live off campus and you’ll be leaving your house or apartment for an extended period over break, check out these crime prevention and safety tips. Here are just a few highlights: 

  • Complete a Vacant House Check form through the Oxford Police Department. 
  • Take valuables with you. Take pictures of what you leave behind. 
  • Request your mail to be held through the USPS Hold Mail Service.
  • Do not turn off the heat. Check your lease for instructions to keep pipes from freezing.
  • Leave porch lights on and use an appliance timer to turn on an indoor light each night.

We’ve got more tips on the latest Student Life blog post!

2. Manage Your Identity

Miami allows you the opportunity to set pronouns, change your name in various systems (e.g. Canvas, the Miami directory), and request an email alias. Read the guide to managing your identity at Miami at

3. Finals Week 

Take care of yourself this week and next as you prepare for final exams. Here are a few events and resources to help you: 

  • Therapy Dog Day at Finals. Monday, 1-4 p.m. in Shriver Dolibois A/B. 
  • Late Night Study Break. Monday, 10 p.m.-midnight in King Library. 
  • Armstrong Student Center will open the Fritz Pavilion for quiet and small group study starting tomorrow at 7 p.m. through Thursday, Dec. 8 at 9 p.m. (while the building is open). Look for hammocks, inflatable couches, and relaxing activities throughout the building as well!

Thanks for reading the Weekly 3 this semester. Best of luck on final exams, papers, and projects - finish strong!


November 17

Dear Miami Students,

Here’s your Weekly 3 from Student Life. Please note there will not be a Weekly 3 next week due to break. Travel safely, get some rest, and gear up for the last two weeks of the semester! 

1. Grant for Professional Attire

The Center for Career Exploration & Success offers mini grants of up to $350 to students who need financial assistance in purchasing professional attire for interviews, internships, or professional events. You can apply for a grant throughout the year; applications are reviewed monthly. 

2. Togetherall

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, struggling socially, or just not feeling like yourself, check out Togetherall, a new resource through the Office of Student Wellness. Togetherall is an online community to share feelings anonymously and get support to improve mental health and wellbeing. The community is monitored by licensed mental health practitioners. There are also regular self-assessments, articles, and self-guided courses. Miami students have free access using their Miami email. 

3. Bus Routes

The Butler County Regional Transit Authority (BCRTA) has released ideas for potential service changes to bus routes in Oxford and throughout Butler County. BCRTA is currently seeking public feedback on these ideas through a survey, interactive map, and focus groups. Students are encouraged to visit to fill out the survey and participate in the interactive map and virtual focus groups. The public input period ends November 24.

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November 10

Dear Miami students,

As you likely know, a student passed away on campus this weekend. Losing a student is heartbreaking, and it affects everyone in our community. When we lose a student, we always work to honor the wishes of the family about what information is shared. In this case they have asked for privacy, so we did not send out a campus-wide email or share any information about the student over the weekend aside from the announcement on myMiami with resources for support. We began supporting students immediately on Saturday and throughout this week, with counselors on site in the residence hall. All students who need support are also encouraged to use the free resources through Campus Care and the H.O.P.E. line

We understand the desire to know more, but when there is a crisis on campus or there is a loss of life, our top priorities will always be respecting the needs and wishes of an affected student’s family, and identifying and supporting the communities closest to the student or campus event. Thank you for understanding.

Here’s your Weekly 3 from Student Life. 

1. QT-Con

QT-Con is a grassroots conference and convention featuring queer and trans research, creative works, and passion projects. Join November 14-16 in the John Dolibois Room (Shriver Center) to attend conference style mini-sessions and late night events. All events are free, and registration is not required; drop in for one or stay for as many as you like. For the full schedule and event highlights, follow @mu_qtcon on Instagram.

2. International Education Week

International Education Week (IEW) starts tomorrow (November 11-18) with a wide range of activities, international food, and events to celebrate the diverse array of cultures on our campus and provide an opportunity for global engagement on campus. 

3. Flu and COVID

As many of you prepare to leave campus for Thanksgiving, protect yourself and your family from the flu and COVID-19. 

  • If you have not yet received your flu shot or COVID-19 vaccine/booster, now is a great time to do that. Contact Student Health Services at 513-529-3000 to schedule an appointment anytime. There will also be a COVID-19 Bivalent Booster clinic next Wednesday, November 16 in Harris Hall. 
  • Consider testing for COVID-19 before your Thanksgiving travels and before returning to campus after the holiday. Free COVID-19 test kits are available (while supplies last) at Armstrong Student Center, King Library and the Recreation Center. If you test positive, please let us know by completing the self-report form.
  • Take precautions now (e.g. get vaccinated/boosted, wash your hands, etc.) to avoid being sick during finals week.

Do you have an ideafor a future Weekly 3 topic? Submit your idea! Thanks for reading along.

November 3

Dear Miami students,

Quick reminder that daylight savings time ends this weekend! Turn your clocks back one hour on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Phones and laptops will automatically update, but make sure the rest of your clocks are accurate on Sunday.

Here’s your Weekly 3 from Student Life. 

1. The Two Miamis: 50th Anniversary Celebration event

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the meaningful relationship between Miami University and the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma. Our unique partnership is expressed through a shared commitment to neepwaantiinki, ‘learning from each other.’ This year of celebration will culminate next week with a Fall Celebration Week. The signature event will be held on Wednesday, November 9 at 11 a.m. in Millett Hall. You’re encouraged to attend this interactive experience!

2.  Election Day 2022

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8! 

  • Make sure you are registered to vote at
  • The Ohio Secretary of State website explains early voting options in Ohio and how to find your assigned precinct to vote on Election Day. 
  • Don’t forget your photo ID and proof of address if you vote in person. On-campus students can generate a proof of address letter to present (printed or digital) at the polls from the Registrar and Dean of Students.

Check out Student Life’s recent blog post Why I Vote highlighting Miami students!

3. Break Transportation

As you prepare for the upcoming Thanksgiving and winter breaks, here are some transportation options that might be helpful: 

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October 27

Dear Miami students,

After another troubling news week of hate and violence, both across the country and here at Miami, we again want to mention some resources. 

Here’s your Weekly 3 from Student Life. 

1. Halloween Weekend

This weekend, we have three tips for you. 

  1. Be sensitive. Don’t wear a costume that depicts someone else’s identity or culture.

  2. Be safe. Pace yourself and don’t aim for a 5 day Halloween celebration. If you choose to drink alcohol, alternate with water. Don’t drink and drive. Look out for each other.

  3. Just call if you need help. Call SafeRide to get home or call 911 or the Miami Police if someone is having trouble caring for themselves. (Read more about the Good Samaritan policy!).

2. Leadership Recruitment

It’s the time of year when many of Miami’s most well-known and high-impact positions are open to applications. Examples include RAs, SOULs, SEAL Ambassadors, HAWKS, and more.

Interested? Student Life is hosting a Leadership Recruitment Fair to showcase these opportunities on Tuesday, November 1 from 6-8 p.m. in the Armstrong Fritz Pavilion. 

3. Check Your Account for Holds

Spring 2022 class registration began this week. Be sure to review your account for holds that will prevent course registration (e.g. for unpaid bills, incomplete online modules like AlcoholEdu, etc.) before your registration day. 

Bonus: December graduates, check out the details for the Fall 2022 Commencement. May graduates, the last day to apply for May graduation is Monday, October 31.

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October 20

Dear Miami students,

Here’s your Weekly 3 from Student Life.

1. Family Weekend

This weekend is Family Weekend! Check out the calendar of events to enjoy with your family. And even if your family won’t be visiting, you’ll want to try some of these events! A few highlights include: 

  • Comedy Magician David Anthony 
  • M.O.V.E. Outdoor Bootcamp with the Crawfords
  • Miami RedHawk Tailgating and the Football Game
  • Uptown Family Fest 

The Student Life blog has more details as well.

2. Love & Honor Cup - Last Day to Vote!

Today is the last day to vote on nominees for the Love & Honor cup! Nominees will be recognized and winners will be announced during the football game this weekend. 

3. Winter Term

Winter Term registration is still open! Consider a study abroad or internship experience. Take a class or conduct research. Take advantage of this three-week term (January 2-20, 2023) to make the most of your Miami experience. Learn more about your options at

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October 13

Dear Miami students,

Here’s your Weekly 3 from Student Life. 

1. Suicide Prevention Week

Suicide Prevention Week starts this Sunday, with events hosted throughout the week. Highlights include a 5K suicide prevention walk this Sunday and mental health speaker Ross Szabo on Wednesday evening. Learn how to improve your mental health and the mental health of your peers. Check out our website for a full listing of programs. Suicide is preventable! Hosted by Student Counseling Service and the Suicide Prevention Team.

2. Academic Support

If you aren’t doing as well as you would like in one or more courses, now is the time to visit your instructor during office hours. The idea of talking with a professor can be intimidating, but there are strategies for effectively using office hours. The Rinella Learning Center has developed a brief online module to help you prepare for meeting with an instructor.

3. Art and Essay Submissions

Check out these opportunities to showcase your work. Check the links for more information!

BONUS: The Cincinnati Museum Center is offering free admission to all college students and staff and with an active college ID during the month of October. Simply show your active student ID at the box office to receive one free Museum Admission.

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October 6 

Happy Fall Break tomorrow! We hope you find some time to rest and restore. 

1. Homecoming Weekend

This weekend is fall break, but it’s also Homecoming weekend. If you are sticking around, be sure to check out the list of events on the Homecoming website. Some highlights for this weekend’s events include:

  • Homecoming parade - Saturday, October 8, 10 a.m., along High St. and Tallawanda Rd.
  • Miami Football vs. Kent State - Saturday, October 8, 3:30 p.m., Yager Stadium
2. Love and Honor Story Project

The Love and Honor Story Project, through the Office of the Dean of Students, recognizes one student each month for enacting Miami’s values. If you know someone who exemplifies the Code of Love and Honor through their extraordinary care for their community, nominate them to be recognized! Check out the most recent recipients and nominate a peer for the award at the Love and Honor Story Project website

3. World Events and Seeking Support

There has been a lot of distressing news across the globe recently. Our thoughts are with all those affected by the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Fiona. We are also increasingly concerned by the growing violence against peaceful protesters at Tehran’s Sharif University of Technology in Iran and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

These are only a few examples and we are thinking about our students, faculty, and staff who have family and friends in affected regions. We encourage all members of the Miami community to care for one another and seek support as needed. Resources are available through Student Counseling Service, including the 24/7 H.O.P.E. Line, and drop-in Campus Care visits with a counselor, as well as through International Student and Scholar Services

Lastly - don’t forget Tuesday is the last day to register to vote in Ohio for the November 8 general election. Check out this message from ASG and President Crawford, and visit for more information.

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September 29

Here’s your Weekly 3 from Student Life. 

1. Academic Concern Form

If you are struggling academically, you can fill out the Academic Concern form to request support. Staff from the Rinella Learning Center responds to requests within 24 business hours. Even if Rinella is not the exact resource you need at the time, they will connect you with the right resource(s) on campus.

2. Safe Zone Trainings

Safe Zone is a campus-wide program to educate the campus community on LGBTQ+ identities and experiences. The goal is to create a community that is inclusive for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. The Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion regularly offers training throughout the year. Find a training session on the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion website.

3. Therapy Dog Day at Midterms

Come de-stress from midterms and pet a therapy dog! The Student Counseling Service invites you to join us outdoors on Central Quad on Monday, October 3 from 1-4 p.m. and meet our certified therapy dogs. They'll love your attention and you'll leave with a smile!

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September 22

Here’s your Weekly 3 from Student Life. 

1. Help Over the Phone Everywhere (H.O.P.E. Line)

In addition to the services offered by the Student Counseling Service, all Miami students have access to the H.O.P.E. Line, available 24/7, for phone consultations with a licensed mental health counselor. This is a great option for after-hours immediate support, crisis intervention, and talking through difficult times with a counselor. The H.O.P.E. Line phone number is 855-249-5649.

For an immediate and life-threatening psychological crisis, call 911, Miami Police (513-529-2222), or visit the nearest emergency room.

2. Register to Vote 

Tuesday, October 11 is the last day to register to vote in the state of Ohio (for the November 8 general election). You can register online if you have an Ohio license or ID card number or pick up a paper form at the Wilks Institute for Leadership and Service (Armstrong 2018).Students have the right to register in their hometown or in Oxford; vote where you consider home to be. Learn more about your options for voting and registering to vote at

3. Meet with a SEAL Ambassador

Are you still looking to find your place at Miami? Not sure which student organizations might be a good fit for you? Schedule a meeting with a Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) Ambassador! These peer mentors can help you navigate on-campus involvement and find opportunities that make sense for you. Learn more and schedule a meeting with a SEAL Ambassador

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September 15

Here’s your Weekly 3 from Student Life. 

1. Fall Career Fairs

Fall career fairs start next week. These events include a combination of workshops and recruiting events to help you explore career options, prepare for your job search, and connect with organizations.

  • September 20, 1 - 5 p.m., Fall Career and Internship Fair (Millett Hall)
  • September 21, 1 - 5 p.m, STEM Career Fair (Millett Hall)
  • September 27, 1 - 5 p.m, Virtual Career Fair (Handshake)
2. Rave Guardian App

Rave Guardian is a free smartphone safety app the university provides for students, faculty, and staff.  You can download the app on your iOS or Android devices.  The app allows you to pre-register emergency information, utilize a virtual trip safety escort, and access a one-touch call button to MUPD.  Check out the safety app website to learn more about the additional features the app offers. 

3. Stay Well

Miami is offering flu clinics for students at Student Health Services in Harris Hall. No appointment necessary; bring insurance card and legal ID. 

Remember that we are still considered in outbreak status for COVID-19 on campus!

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water
  • Wear a mask indoors while COVID-19 levels remain high
  • Stay home if you feel sick--you don't want to spread sickness to others
  • Take an at-home antigen test if you have symptoms (available for free at Armstrong, King Library, and the Rec Center)
  • Complete the self-report form and communicate with your instructors about missed work if you test positive.

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September 8

Here’s your Weekly 3 from Student Life. 

1. Wellness Navigator

Feeling stressed? Homesick? Anxious? Sick? Worried about a friend? Miami has a new tool to help you find health and wellness resources on campus. Visit and follow the prompts to explore your options.

2. Email Alias 

Students are now able to request an email alias that reflects their preferred/chosen name and/or a new legal last name. An email alias works like a second email address that goes to the same inbox as your regular Miami email address.

3. Crawford M.O.V.E. Bootcamp 

The first "Crawford" Outdoor Bootcamp of the year will be held this Saturday, September 10 from 10 -10:45 a.m. at Lewis Place, weather permitting. Participate in a 45-minute cardio bootcamp led by Rec Center fitness instructors, connect with the Miami community, and pick up your Crawford Collection giveaway. 

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September 1

Welcome back! The Division of Student Life sends a Weekly 3 email to students each week with three quick, important updates, resources, or reminders. We’ll always aim to keep it brief and include links to more information if you are interested in learning more. 

1. Tutoring is now available

As you are getting into a routine for the 2022-2023 academic year, take advantage of academic success resources. It’s never too early to seek out academic support, and the Rinella Learning Center offers tutoring, Supplemental Instruction (SI), and academic coaching at no additional cost to you. Tutoring appointments are now available!

2. Campus Care

Want to speak with a mental health counselor without scheduling therapy sessions? Check out Campus Care, provided by the Student Counseling Service. Consult with a trained mental health professional in a less formal and more convenient setting than a counseling appointment. Campus Care is a drop-in service. No appointment is necessary and there is no fee. Students are seen on a first-come, first-served basis and there is typically little or no wait time. Conversations are typically about 15 minutes or less and are held in three convenient locations on campus each week:

  • Tuesdays, 4 - 5 p.m., 019 MacMillan Hall
  • Wednesdays, 4 - 5 p.m., Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion, 3033 Armstrong Student Center
  • Thursdays, 4 - 5 p.m., 108 King Library
3. The Hub

Did you miss Mega Fair? Check out the Hub for a full list of student organizations with information on how to get involved. You can filter your search by campus and/or category to find orgs that suit your interests. When you find a few you’re interested in, reach out via the Hub or social media to start making connections and learn how to join. 

We hope your semester has started smoothly. Thanks for reading along, enjoy the long Labor Day weekend, and be well!

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