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The Isaac and Oxley Center for Business Leadership

The William Isaac and Michael Oxley Center for Business Leadership engages and challenges tomorrow’s adaptive leaders through innovative core programming to develop graduates equipped to lead tomorrow’s best organizations. The Center focuses on values-based leadership, which embraces authenticity and inclusivity, to create a holistic, integrative, practical, relationship-based business leadership approach.

The average age professionals receive leadership development is 42. The Center for Business Leadership provides industry-level leadership development to our Farmer students by the age of 22.


To build a transformative, values-driven undergraduate business leadership development experience.


The CBL Student Fellows are the heart of what we do.  By investing in the leadership development of our Fellows, we empower them to then invest in the development of others as Farmer Leadership Coaches.


The core values of the CBl: authenticity, inclusivity, relationships, holistic perspectives, integration, and interdisciplinary thinking are the compass for all we do. We emphasize accountability, proactivity, and the power of strengths-based collaboration.

CBL 2.0


The CBL Experience

Michael Oxley’s CBL Dedication Conversation

Michael Oxley filmed this dedication for the center several weeks before his passing on January 1, 2016.

What Our Students Have to Say

Olivia NashOlivia Nash, HCML and Sustainability, Dallas, Texas
Why CLB? "I chose to join CBL because I was looking for a place to grow in my professional leadership skills where I would be surrounded by others who would encourage and champion growth. CBL is a place to learn more about yourself as an individual and as a teammate. I am grateful for the development opportunities and the ability to gain important skills that I likely would not have received for another twenty years."



Jack WatsonJack Watson, Accounting and Supply Chain, Buffalo, New York
How has CBL Developed You? "The people! CBl has surrounded me with such amazing people. Between the directors, fellows, and executives, I have learned so much from every interaction I've had. It has been extremely inspiring to be around such high-caliber people with so many different backgrounds and passions. I am constantly challenged to refine my thought process, and I approach everything from work to conversations differently as a result of my time in CBL."


Center for Business Leadership

800 East High Street
Suite 2042
Oxford, OH 45056