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Calendar of Events

June 14 • 10:30-11am

Mindfulness Meditation
128 McGuffey Hall
Need a weekly stress break? Join this short, guided meditation group and leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

August 29th • 4:30-6:30pm

Phillips Hall Outdoor Lawn
Dean Dantley welcomes the entire EHS community of students, faculty and staff back to campus with an opening picnic full of free food, music, games and camaraderie.

Overheard Recently

  • Kaylie K.

    Kaylie student

    Family Studies major, Tennessee

    "The professors in EHS are awesome. I've gotten so many connections I otherwise wouldn't have had."

  • Kristy J.

    Kristy student

    Teacher Education major, Cincinnati

    "I decided when I came here to fight the Miami stereotype and got involved in everything that I could. Once you get involved, you find out the stereotype really isn't true."

  • Denise Taliaferro-Baszile

    Denise Associate Dean

    Associate Dean

    "To me the greatest social justice is to inspire those around us to stand up for themselves"

  • Zach L.

    Zach student

    Sport Leadership and Management major, Cincinnati

    "I came in as an engineering major and I switched to SLAM. The professors connect with me on a personal level--they
    even call me at

  • Rachel C.

    Rachel student

    Special Ed. Major, Illinois

    "I had never even heard of Miami before attending a college fair. Then I visited campus and turned to my Mom and said, I think I'm going to end up