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Calendar of Events

EHS Engagement Series - Patricia McHatton
We're here: Now what?
October 6  5:30pm
212 MacMillan Hall
Welling Disability Studies Series - Jim Ferris
October 13
EHS Engagement Series - David Stovall
Embracing the Radical Imaginary in Education:
Critical Race Praxis and Transformative Struggle in Perpetuity
October 22  6pm
322 McGuffey Hall
Welling Disability Studies Series - Hailee Gibbons
A Long Goodbye - Dementia and Disability
November 9
322 McGuffey Hall

Overheard Recently

  • Kaylie K.

    Kaylie student

    Family Studies major, Tennessee

    "The professors in EHS are awesome. I've gotten so many connections I otherwise wouldn't have had."

  • Kristy J.

    Kristy student

    Teacher Education major, Cincinnati

    "I decided when I came here to fight the Miami stereotype and got involved in everything that I could. Once you get involved, you find out the stereotype really isn't true."

  • Denise Taliaferro-Baszile

    Denise Associate Dean

    Associate Dean

    "To me the greatest social justice is to inspire those around us to stand up for themselves"

  • Zach L.

    Zach student

    Sport Leadership and Management major, Cincinnati

    "I came in as an engineering major and I switched to SLAM. The professors connect with me on a personal level--they
    even call me at

  • Rachel C.

    Rachel student

    Special Ed. Major, Illinois

    "I had never even heard of Miami before attending a college fair. Then I visited campus and turned to my Mom and said, I think I'm going to end up