Department Chairs and Program Directors

(R) denotes Regional Campus Department


Anne Farrell (Chair)
3094 Farmer School of Business

Aerospace Studies (AFROTC)

Lt. Col. Eric Cring (Chair)
50 Millett


Mark Peterson (Acting Chair)
120 Upham

Architecture and Interior Design

Mary Rogero (Chair)
101 Alumni


Amanda Alexander (Chair)
124 Art Building

Biological Sciences (R)

David Berg (Interim Chair)
112 Levey Hall (M)


Paul Harding (Chair)
212 Pearson

Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical Engineering

Keith Hohn (Chair)
64D Engineering Building

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Gary Lorigan (Chair)
137 Hughes

Commerce (R)

Ted Light (Chair)
203B Johnston Hall (M)

Comparative Religion

James Hanges (Chair)
164 Upham

Computer and Information Technology (R)

Marianne Murphy (Chair)
118 Levey (M)

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Eric Bachmann (Chair)
205B Benton


Jenny Minier (Chair)
2054 FSB

Education and Society (R)

Garry Bowyer (Chair)
205 Thesken Hall (M)

Educational Leadership

Judy Alston (Chair)
306G McGuffey

Educational Psychology

Jason Abbitt (Chair)
100L McGuffey

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Chi-Hao Cheng (Chair)
260 Engineering Building

Emerging Technology in Business + Design

Michael Bailey-Van Kuren (Chair)
209 Laws 

Engineering Technology (R)

Mert Bal (Chair)
207D Phelps (H)


Mary Jean Corbett (Chair)
356 Bachelor Hall


Tim Holcomb (Chair)
2078 Farmer School of Business

Environment and Sustainability, Institute for the

Jonathan Levy (Director)
118 Shideler

Family Sciences and Social Work

Matthew Moore (Chair)
101 McGuffey


Joel Harper (Chair)
2053C FSB

French and Italian

Elisabeth Hodges (Chair)
207 Irvin


Marcia England (Chair)
108 Shideler

Geology and Environmental Earth Science

Jason Rech (Chair)
118 Shideler

German, Russian, Asian, & Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures

Mila Ganeva (Chair)
140 Irvin

Global & Intercultural Studies

Walter Vanderbush (Chair)
123 MacMillian Hall


Wietse de Boer (Chair)
273 Upham

Humanities and Creative Arts (R)

Susan Spellman (Chair)
576 Mosler Hall (H)

Information Systems and Analytics

John (Skip) Benamati (Chair)
3095 Farmer School of Business

Interdisciplinary and Communication Studies (R)

Leland Spencer (Chair)
103 Phelps Hall (H) 

Justice and Community Studies (R)

Marianne Cotugno (Interim Chair)
103F Phelps (H)

Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Health

Helaine Alessio (Chair)
106 Phillips

Languages, Literatures, and Writing (R)

Whitney Womack Smith (Chair)
236 Rentschler Hall (H)


Xiaowen Huang (Chair)
3004 Farmer School of Business


Zhi Yong Yang (Chair)
3057A Farmer School of Business

Mathematical and Physical Sciences (R)

Vahagn Manukian (Chair)
520 Mosler (H)


Anna Ghazaryan (Chair)
123 Bachelor

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Kumar Singh (Chair)
56R Engineering Building

Media, Journalism, and Film

Bruce Drushel (Chair)
140 Williams


Luis A. Actis (Chair)
32 Pearson


Jeremy Jones (Interim Chair)
119 CPA

Naval Science (NROTC)

Capt. Jeffrey Lamphear (Chair)
67 Millett

Nursing (R)

Stephanie Nicely (Chair)
145 University (H) 


Gaile Pohlhaus (Acting Chair)
220 Hall Auditorium


Paul Urayama (Chair)
2120 Kreger

Political Science

Bryan Marshall (Chair)
218 Harrison


Leonard J Smart Jr.  (Chair)
318 Psychology Building

Social and Behavioral Sciences (R)

Beth Dietz (Chair)
240E Thesken Hall (M)

Sociology and Gerontology

J. Scott Brown (Chair)
376 Upham

Spanish and Portuguese

Luis I. Pradanos (Chair)
237 Irvin

Speech Pathology and Audiology

Donna Scarborough (Chair)
26 Bachelor

Sport Leadership & Management

Melissa Chase (Chair)
204C Phillips


Robert B. Davis (Chair)
311 Upham

Teacher Education

Ganiva Reyes (Chair)
207D McGuffey


Matthew Omasta (Chair)
119 Center for Performing Arts

Individualized Studies (Western Program)

Nicholas Money (Director)
111 Peabody Hall